Hereby the (most) answers to your questions!

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What is the delivery time?

Our delivery time is between 4 and 10 weeks on average depending on transport. Urgent deliveries are also possible.

We deliver pallet transport throughout Europe and also to the USA.

Wood changes in shape. Will it not warp?

Koak Design works primarily with fully solid oak. This also gives a real robust natural appearance, and that’s how you can also see that it is a custom made kitchen.

Indeed solid wood moves. Its width expands and shrinks between summer and winter. The difference is of about 3 mm for a 60 cm door. We allow the wood to dry slowly and it is then sawed to the correct size. In the beginning the doors will still expand a little bit.

Oak wood is a natural material and therefore it is susceptible to natural conditions such as temperature and humidity. The wood that we use is slowly dried in an optimal way.  However, there is no wood that has completely stopped moving, so there is always a chance for it to expand or shrink depending on the circumstances. That is why, we mill in steel, in order to prevent it from warping.  However, we also believe that the fact that wood moves contributes to the unique character of an oak kitchen, it is alive.

How do I maintain the doors?

We oil the doors so that they are protected against spots. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and wash-up liquid. After a period of time, they can be lightly sanded again and a new layer of oil can be applied.

Note: The doors are extra sensitive due to hardening of the oil for the first 3 weeks. For painted fronts (water based) the complete hardening time is 3 months.

Solid wood is and remains a natural product, which should not be aggressively cleaned with cleaning agents. If a spot still shows up, then it can be sanded and oiled again.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer a warranty on our doors and concrete slabs, if there are changes which are not due to material properties. If necessary, we take extra steps because, above all, we want you to be satisfied with our (product)!

Which skirting can I use?

We recommend using 1 of the Ikea skirts depending on the floor. We often use dark brown for clients, almost black skirting (LAXARBY) or the new anthracite skirt (KUNGSBACKA).

You can get these in 8 and 11 cm depending on the slab thickness and the desired height of the kitchen.

Mounting of walls and side panels

We always recommend to install the side panels, finishing ends and/or walls slightly beyond the fronts so that the whole can be fine-tuned better, making it a beautiful whole.

A good method is to hold the panel in place against the cupboard with glue clamps. The panel is mostly made a bit larger so that these can be made to fit exactly during installation. Screw the panel from the inside with screws of approximately 3.5 x 30 mm. In any case, do NOT use glue to mount the panels.

When installing the wooden side panels, account for the possibility of expansion and shrinking of the panel width. (There is no wood movement in the length, but only in the width of the wood grain). See also our assembly instructions.

For which systems do you make your doors?

Primarily we make doors for IKEA kitchen Metod cabinets. In addition we also make them for Pax, Besta and Sektion IKEA systems.

It is also possible to make the doors for the KVIK cabinets.

What if something is damaged?

The most important thing is that after we have done everything to make the kitchen look as beautiful as possible, we also package and transport it as well as possible.

If there is still damage, we ask that you let us know within a week by e-mail by including a few close-up and distant pictures of it.

Do you install the entire kitchen?

KOAK Design believes that the kitchen assembly can best be arranged by a local craftsman. This is often a cheaper option in connection with travel time etc. The advantage is also that if something breaks or is not as it should be, it can be solved faster.  If this is not possible, we can have one of our external installers do it.

How can I best maintain my concrete worktop?

The concrete countertops can best be maintained in advance with natural, green soap that contains Glycerine. Other synthetic cleaning agents can cause damage, such as decalcifiers, which are bad for the concrete.

The use of a green soap creates a soft shine and an easy to clean countertop. It fills up the small pores and makes sure that stains are barely absorbed in the slab making them easier to remove.  It is also possible to use Stain-stop HMK S234 by Moeller. This is comparable to a strong green soap. Use normal green soap after this.

Do concrete countertops develop many spots?
    • Because our slabs are poured and smoothed on site, the structure is already quite closed as opposed to industrial concrete.  By regularly treating slabs with green soap, a saturation of the slab is created so that stains can be easily removed.
    • Despite regularly cleaning with green soap, colour nuances can occur through daily use.  These signs of use contribute to the unique, characteristic and used look of the concrete.
    • A number of agents can cause a light discolouration of the surface. It is important that similar agents do not lie on the concrete slab for a long period of time. Remove these substances and coat the concrete with green soap.
  • Avoid substances such as acids, decalcifiers, and ammonia. These can irreversibly damage the slabs because they dissolve the lime in the slab.
How do I assemble a sink under the concrete worktop?

For the installation of the sink it is an option to screw a wooden slat on the inside of the sides of the Ikea cabinet with the bottom of it slightly higher than the bottom of the mounted sink. Then you make two bars the same width of the cupboard that you install under the sink and screw against the previously mounted slabs on the sides. Test if it fits. Then treat the upper side of the sink with the silicone kit (polymax Lime and Kitten). Put it in it and then use the wooden bar, which you screw on the side against the fixed wooden bars. Not too tight so that you can centre the sink well.   Make it tighter. When it’s completely tightened it should be firm. The polymax kit does the rest.

What must I prepare with regards to the concrete worktop?
    • The kitchen cabinets should be mounted, levelled, aligned, hooked, and fixed to the wall.
    • The cabinets need to be empty, the equipment not yet installed and the drawers out.
    • The walls must preferably be plastered. Walls/frames that are in direct contact with the countertop should be painted or tiled after delivery.
    • Placement, assembly of faucet, sink, etc. is not normally done by us.
  • Minor colour and/or structural differences can occur.
What is the maximum size of deliveries?

The maximal length that we transport is 240 cm. For larger side panels, it is necessary to make them in 2 parts.