Whitewash oak 305

Extra white oak 310
13 January 2018
Naturel white oak 303
15 January 2018
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Whitewash oak 305

Whitewash 305 is an oil that gives the fronts a lighter colour. Because the oil is wiped off, a white glow is created on the fronts.

The oil has excellent wear resistance. Good filling and good chemical and mechanical resistance. The resistance has improved by adding a hardener. This allows for the wood to be protected against water and spots without yellowing.

We work with European oak that is well dried. The wood is solid whereby the natural unique appearance is maintained. This means that here and there knots are present in the wood and that the annual rings are visible (as opposed to finer wood or wood that is built up in layers).

The thickness of the front panels is about 18 mm and these are glued from about 10 cm wide boards. We respect the natural composition of the wood; therefore, the drawer is made with a horizontal grain and the doors with a vertical grain. The doors and drawer fronts are ready for assembly; all hinges are custom made.

Price of a door of 60x80cm: € 179

 Lighter colour


 Resistance improved by hardener

 Ready to assemble