To achieve the kitchen of your dreams, you must follow a few steps to make sure that everything fits well. After that,we can make your customized quote.


Before you begin with the design of a kitchen it is helpful to first measure up the space. Make a floor plan by drawing a sketch. Take windows and doors into account.



Now that the measurements have been taken, you can make a choice for the design of the kitchen with the kitchen planner.

The width of the IKEA cabinets are standard size, namely 20, 40, 60 and 80 cm. A dishwasher is always 60 cm wide and a sink often 60 or 80 cm. The dishwasher and sink are often placed next to each other.

Wooden fronts must follow the grain direction. Drawers have a horizontal grain and doors have a vertical grain. Keep this in mind during the design and try to make it a whole.



The design can be shared in 2 different ways.

  1. Save the design as a PDF and mail it to us. The design can be saved as a PDF file. You can print the design and before you print it (all views) you can save the design as a PDF.
  2. Mail the design from the IKEA kitchen planner but don’t forget to include your own e-mail address. We can then open the design for a maximum of 5 days.


Do it Yourself?

Are you a handyman? The IKEA kitchens are made so that you can install them yourself. Keep in mind that this takes about 5 days. Let the instructional videos help you on how you place your kitchen step-by-step.