The combination of a concrete countertop with the solid oak fronts allows for a robust appearance in the kitchen.


Applying a countertop is custom work. The concrete slab is poured and smoothed on the spot. A mould is first made on the cabinets. The slab is then filled layer by layer. In addition, double reinforcement is also incorporated into the concrete to ensure that it is firmly in place. The slab is never completely solid so that the cabinets can handle the weight. Because the concrete countertop is custom made, it is easy to take into account cut-outs or special shapes.


When finishing the concrete countertop, a bottle of stain stop is left with the customer. The slab should be treated with it the first two times. We then recommend cleaning the slab with green soap at least twice a week. The more often you do this the better. Treatment of your countertop is simple and quick. However, concrete is still a natural product as a result of which it will change.


For the concrete countertops we apply a surface price depending on the thickness of the slab.   In addition, we do not charge a surcharge for a recess for a sink, tap, etc. and naturally also no measuring costs because we make the slabs on the spot.

The thickness of a slab is minimally 5 cm. We often use a thickness of 6, 8, or 10 cm.

The price starts from € 500, per linear meter for a standard 64 cm deep slab. (Minimal € 1850, per home in the Netherlands/Belgium).




The concrete countertop is poured in place. Just before the concrete is poured, the mixture is provided with a colorant.This ensures the color of the concrete. The different colors can be seen in the showroom, otherwise the concrete man can also take along color samples at the moment he starts making the concrete countertop.