Here you will find all the ingredients to assemble your own KOAK Design beautiful kitchens.
With our products you can also give a new “look” to other furniture in your house, such as the Godmorgon series, Besta, and PAX wardrobe closets.

Kitchen fronts

By building solid wooden fronts, the IKEA kitchen gets a true upgrade. We work with solid wood that is 18 mm thick, and a weight that is comparable with most doors from IKEA.

Our doors are made in a way that they can be assembled like the IKEA fronts. Choose from the different sorts of wood types and oils.

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Side panels

Side panels play an important role in the appearance of the kitchen. Select from the panels with the same finish as the doors for a uniform appearance or combine them as you wish for a unique style.

A concrete slab can also run through to the ground, if desired, so that the concrete also functions as a sidewall. Additionally, we also have a broad selection of MDF walls in different thicknesses.

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A kitchen is only finished if it has beautiful, stylish handles. Select from our assortment of handles. The collection is assembled from the latest trends and grips, which we find, suit the wooden fronts well.

The nicest thing about the handles is that they are easy to replace when you want to give your kitchen an affordable makeover.

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A concrete countertop in combination with the wooden fronts gives a kitchen a new dimension. The concrete can be fashioned in every thickness (from 5 cm to 10 cm) and in various shades of grey. Concrete countertops are poured, sanded, and polished on site.

This makes for extra-large sized or irregularly shaped countertops without seams.

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Besides the kitchen, our concept is easy to apply in multiple places in a house. The wooden fronts also look good on Godmorgon bathroom furniture. Additionally, there are still many other possibilities with our wood.

For example, we make tailored open (wine) cabinets, and the same wood can be used for (hollow) shelves, if desired with spotlights in them. In order to extend the style of the fronts to the dining room, we also make dining tables for clients in the Netherlands.

Discover the specials we offer for your home.

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Bathroom furniture

The Godmorgon series from Ikea is a popular bathroom cabinet. We also make solid oak fronts for it, optionally with a concrete slab. This way the kitchen’s style can be found again in the bathroom.

By giving the Godmorgon Ikea bathroom cabinet with a KOAK design, the result is an elegant, exclusive character.

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