KOAK Design originated from our desire for smart and affordable interior solutions with real materials. We have years of experience in interior design and home renovation. To conclude our large restoration in Abbenbroek, we realised our first KOAK kitchen. Soon we realised that this idea was applicable to many more houses.



We mainly work with European oak and bamboo. The wood that we use is FSC certified. Both are natural materials that are very beautiful untreated. Treatment with a protective oil is therefore sufficient for daily use.

The oak is solid, so that the naturally unique appearance is preserved. This means that there are knots in the wood and that the annual rings are visible on the end wood, in contrast to veneer wood or wood that is built up in layers.

Bamboo has the property to grow very quickly, due to selective cutting there is by definition no deforestation. Bamboo has a high hardness, stability and durability. Read more about our bamboo 


My passion for renovating and designing interiors comes together as we discuss with our clients. My background in real-estate project development and as a monument engineer I can advise people well.


“After the renovation of our farm I stood in the kitchen and thought: This is possibly also a good idea for other people! I never thought that it would grow to an international business.” After 10 years, we are still surprised each time by the many possibilities of our concept when we receive photos sent to us by our clients.



The heart of KOAK Design. This is where first contacts are made with our clients. We regularly explain to them the possibilities of our design.  We work together with our furniture manufacturers. Because of the short lines of communication, we can sometimes make changes at the last moment. After all, you don’t order a new kitchen every week!

After you place an order we make drawings, so that it is clear for you, the furniture manufacturers and your installer how the kitchen should look.


Your kitchen is made in our workshop in Abbenbroek. We work a lot with solid oak wood. Every front has a unique drawing.

The oak wood can be a very light colour when we finish it with whitewash or very dark brown to black when we treat it with stain.

Team Koak design


KOAK Design
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We work by appointment!
Before we make an appointment we would like to receive a design so that we can prepare for your kitchen and give you an idea of the price. This allows us to work the most efficiently and we can keep our prices competitive.